Pasteurization is a heat treatment process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms in the food and therefore pasteurizers are a central part of industrial food processing. MN Processing offers all types of pasteurization units, with plate and tubular heat exchangers, for traditional pasteurized products, as well as ESL (Extended Shelf Life) products.

In order to prevent any possibility of inappropriate treatment or cross-contamination of the product, a real-time temperature and pressure control system is implemented, ensuring product safety at every step of the pasteurization process.

MN Processing pasteurizer units are fully automated with real-time control of all relevant parameters to minimize energy consumption and product loss, eliminate operator errors and ensure the absolute safety of treated products.


Our pasteurization units are highly energy-efficient, customized with an optimal number of recovery sections for each particular design.

The compact, robust and skid-mounted design allows simple and quick installation and also provides fast commissioning.